hire developers, hiring, software developers, website developers, mobile app developers When some software company HR departments think about hiring someone to do QA testing of their software development, they tend to have a few misconceptions. One of which is that a developer knows how his software should work, therefore he is the best person to do the testing. Another similar misconception is that others on the development team are able to do the testing for the programmer. Both of these ideas suggest that developers and QA testers have the same type of job so, they can be swapped out. Nothing in the IT world could be further from the truth.

It is also important to note that this mistake most often happens because a software development company wants to save money. Who doesn’t? The economy has been very hard on startups and established companies alike. In today’s market, finding good developers can be difficult and costly. If there is a way to save a few dollars here and there, a smart CEO will take advantage of the opportunity. The problem is that not having a good quality testing team, is going to cost you money in the long run. The bugs and mistakes that weren’t caught by the QA team you did not have are going to show up when your client has the software. It’s kind of like playing Russian Roulette with your client’s data and/or business. Not good for your reputation and not a viable business strategy.

In any business, you want to hire the best you can in each position you have. Your developers have to be the best at creating your product. If they were to switch that hat mid-creating or coding, their mind wouldn’t be on the right goal. They would miss the mistakes that your clients will find. Your QA personnel need to be the best at trying to find the mistakes and bugs, so it can be a great piece of software. Let Get[Devs] help you find the personnel you need for each of your development and quality assurance teams today!

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