Why It’s Difficult for Startups to Find the Right Developers

hire development teamWhen looking for the right developers startups often look in all the wrong places, don’t know what they are looking for, or think they know what they need without making sure it is what they need. They might as well be searching in the clouds. As the person responsible for finding the developers your startup needs, you may think to start looking in freelancer forums or among the guys you knew at school. Or you don’t get that far because you really aren’t sure where to find a specialist in a certain type of software, website or mobile app that you need – maybe you need all of them? Or you start looking for a person who is just like you and has many of the same qualifications. These mistakes can cost a startup a lot of money. It might be the reason your startup fails. You can avoid these issues by understanding them and making better choices for your development team.

Looking for your development team in the freelance forums or getting in touch with those you knew back in school aren’t necessarily the worst ways to find who you need for your start up. But they are far from the best ways to fill your team with good developers and specialists that will share your goals and get your startup off the ground running. Freelancers you find on your own aren’t always reliable and old friends come with baggage. When you co-employ your specialists through Get[Devs] they are vetted. You end up not only hiring a reliable and capable developer, they will have only one goal in mind: Getting the job done well.

Software specialists do not grow on trees, as a matter of fact they can be very hard to find. Many local areas do not have the people qualified to do certain types of software applications. Get[Devs] knows where to find any type of software specialist you need – and we can get them hired for your job. In Milan Philippines, there are many tech specialists as it is growing in IT professionals. Each year there is over 30,000 IT graduates in this area looking for jobs where they can put their skills to use. Many of these developers go on to get experience in some of the most prestigious western companies who have offshore offices in the area. Get[Devs] will tap into this pool of good developers and find just the people you need on your development team.

It is a natural instinct to understand, and therefore have more confidence in, people who are like ourselves. This is a great way to make friends. But, when it comes to our business interests this instinct is not to our advantage. The best way to find out exactly who you need is by writing out the job that needs to be done and looking for those most qualified to do that particular job. Get[Devs] makes that our business, finding the person you need with qualified skills to get the job done.

When Get[Devs] uses its abilities to find the developers you are looking to hire, we do so taking into account your needs, goals and specifications. Once we find candidates that fit these goals and specifications by testing the candidates and doing extensive interviewing, you are given the cream of the crop of these candidates to choose your developer. You of course are able to ask any questions doing the interviewing process as well. When you make your choice, the candidate becomes a co-employee of Get[Devs] and your company. While we handle the HR, you direct the employee’s work and goals. It’s a winning combination.

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