Our clients always make the final hiring decision. Get[Devs] does the recruiting, but you make the final choice. We simply present who we believe are viable candidates and we provide input based on HR interviews and technical exams. We will make recommendations, based on what we’ve learned about each candidate and we expect that you will take everything from the recruiting process under consideration when you are deciding. This process is very much like we handle all co-employee issues at Get[Devs], as we manage the developers under your direction.

Where compensation is concerned, we encourage clients to have an understanding of compensation levels for each employees. This gives you a lot of data points to help digest performance reviews, raises, and retention planning. It’s also a really good basis for comparison at the time of hire.

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Most of the developers in the Philippines are in Metro Manila, the nation’s capital. 70% of them are located in the country’s center for commerce while 21% are in other parts of the country. Also, 3% are working abroad and 6% are in an unknown location. In the metro, they usually can be found in the main business districts, namely Ortigas, Makati and Bonifacio Global City. ~ The Software Development Scene in the Philippines

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