A software, website or mobile app development team is made of many different people coming together as a whole to reach a communal goal set by the company. Two titles of people on your team will be ‘lead developer’ and ‘senior developer’.

A senior developer is one who has experience, either from another project or the current project. They mentor junior developers and are often asked to do some of the more difficult parts of a project. They spend time unblocking others and teaching skills to the rest of the team. They are referred to as the ‘pillars’ of the team.

A lead developer is usually a senior developer who is leading the group project. Therefore, they make the choices that need to be made when options in the project crop up. There is usually no more than one lead per project or goal while there can be many senior developers on the same project.

So, while a senior developer drives the team forward, the lead with navigate where it is the team has to go. It is important to have both on your team if it is to be successful. Let Get[Devs] help you.

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