A Web Developer is a programmer who works in website development and applications. They may be someone who works in each part of the website design and development field or they may specialize in a certain type of web programming, like a JavaScript developer.

What Does a Web Developer Do?

A Web Developer programs websites and is interested in the workings of a website, its navigation, speed, and overall use for its visitors rather than the look or design. Web developers can work within a company as part of the tech team, freelance their skills to various organizations, or outsource their skills to organizations by using their expertise to act as consultants or independent contractors.

Often companies who have a web developer as part of their tech team will keep them on staff after their website has been built to update and run the site. But mostly, web developers move on from job to job when a website development has been completed.

For larger companies who have large and complicated websites, they will hire a web development team. This team will consist of different types of developers, such as a Content Developer, JavaScript Developer, Flash Developer, Web Designer, and of course when you have a team, you will need a Lead Developer. All of these and other web programmers can be a part of your web development team at any particular time. For instance, you may need a Flash developer for one small part of your site, then he will move off to some other job because you no longer need him.

What Kind of Certifications Do Web Developers Have?

There are no formal certifications or licenses that someone has to obtain in order to be a web developer. That said, there is an awful lot to learn and the many web development programming fields are always changing.

While there are no specific certifications for becoming a web developer, there are many schools who teach web development and offer certifications of their own. So, there is formal training and many young people today are taking those courses because the field is growing by leaps and bounds.

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