Useful Tips for a Successful Offshore Software Development Team

offshore development team, lead developer, development team, software developmentWhen you do not house your development team in your local office, it may seem like it would be difficult to keep your team productive and happy. And you know keeping your development team productive and happy is the key to success. So, how does one do that when your staff is offshore? Here are some tips from Get[Devs]:

Hire the most qualified candidates that will fit into your business’ climate. Get[Devs] is going to give you a choice of specialists that have gone through testing and interviewing with us. You should choose not only one that will fit the bill as far as getting the job done, but also the candidate you think will be able to work with those you have in your office at home.

Make communication the number one priority. Set up a time to meet with your development team on a regular basis. Daily works best. If you have a large team, have a morning check-in with managers. Then, meet with your other developers on a twice per week or weekly basis. When you keep the lines of communication open with your team, whether it is an offshore team or your team is in the local office, you are setting them up for success by being proactive, getting ahead of any problems in the development of the software and measuring your goals regularly.

Morning meetings are very useful when you meet with a team. Keep it short and to the point. Listen to a report from your team leader or manager that answers two questions: What was completed yesterday? What is the goal for today? Then, ask for feedback from the team. Does anyone feel there will be anything impeding with the work for that day? This proactive approach in your communication with your development team will keep them productive with their immediate goals in sight.

Ask for feedback and use it. Feedback is a great way for your development team to communicate with you and the rest of the team. Feedback can be formal or informal, but be wary if it becomes too structured as that may change its impact. For feedback to be working, it should be proactive and constant. It should show that the team is making improvements each and every day. Do not wait until your development team is having problems before getting feedback from them. Often, that is too late.

Clearly define the role and responsibilities of each member of your development team. You’ll need to remember that this will be an ongoing process as the team grows, defines and redefines itself. Each team member must have responsibilities that are interconnected. Then, they will need to work together as a team to reach their goals.

Train your team by using the same training that you would in your local offices. When you invest in your team by training them, you will reap the rewards of a well trained staff who knows what to do. This is so much better for your staff and you than seeing if they sink or swim without any training.

Acknowledge your development team. When they do great work, let them know that you have noticed. When they are working hard and putting in the long hours, tell them how much they are appreciated. Reward good work and your team will continue to be successful for you.

Your software development team here at Get[Devs] is fully dedicated to you and your company. Let them know that they are a part of your larger team of employees in your company by using the tips above. As the development team is a part of your business, let them know you see them as being a viable part and they will reward you with successful outcomes.

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