Interview tips for hiring software developers

Tips for Hiring Top Talented Offshore Developers

building a development teamGet[Devs] is committed to finding top talent offshore software developers for our clients consideration. When we give you the list of names we have culled for consideration to hire for your offshore development team, know that we are offering you the best of the best. We know this because of the extensive interviewing and testing process that we put every applicant through before they can make it on the list. Get[Devs] then gives its clients the choice. Clients will then go over all of the information gathered by Get[Devs] and re-interview the applicants. We firmly believe – and have seen – this process of hiring offshore developers works. It helps hire the best for our clients projects and it helps retain those talented developers.

So, how does Get[Devs] make that list of qualified software developers for our client to hire from? First, we take our job very seriously. We seek out specialists in their field with experience in the type of coding and designing you are looking for. Once we find these IT specialists, we put them through a testing and interviewing stage that tells us if they are the right type of worker for our clients. This is very important to us – your success is out success.

Here are some great tips to help you to hire the best when you receive the ‘short list’ of applicants from Get[Devs]:

Know who you are looking for in terms of skill. Outline the job you are looking to fill and write out the type of developer you feel will fill it best. For instance, if the job is straight coding, you need someone who has attention to detail, but not a senior designer. The more details as you can flesh out now will lead to a better placement in the end.Interview tips for hiring software developers

Look for team players. You are putting together a development team, just because it is offshore does not mean you need any less of a team player. This is true of everyone on the team, except maybe when you need a certain coding specialist that will be there for only a short time. But even then, you want to keep the team happy so you will not want anyone who will disrupt that.

Do they follow procedures and keep to standards? Get[Devs] checks these things out during the interview process, but you will want to be sure as well. Never be worried that your questions maybe too close to what the applicant has already answered. Ask again! You can never be too sure that someone is perfect for a position as your developer. Your procedures and a development team’s standards are an important part of getting the job done correctly the first time.

Check their portfolio and any previous work they have done. Ask about what you are seeing and listen to how they explain the work they have done. Check over the testing and interviewing reports that Get[Devs] has done for you, either through a meeting or by reading the interview notes. Compare the applicants as per their knowledge base and get a feel for who complete your jobs successfully.

And last but not least, are they a culture fit with your office. While your offshore developers may be located in the Philippines, they will be interacting with you and your office staff. You want a good fit. This is why Get[Devs] has offices in the Philippines as their culture is westernized. They are a happy and hard working people who have great tech schooling.

Taking all of this into account, you can see that our top priority is your development team. Offshoring your development team in the Philippines means you are able to find, hire and retain IT specialists. Developers who work with websites, software and mobile apps. Allow Get[Devs] to seek out your development team for you.

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