Tips for Hiring a PHP Software Developer

hire php developerPHP is code, the letters mean PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a widely-used open source scripting language that is especially suited for web development. Looking for your specialist in PHP web development in Get[Devs] offshore office is an A+ plan of action. We do all the nitty gritty work for you and leave you with candidates that are perfect for the position you have to fill. All you have to do is pick one. Sound good? Well, read on to find out how Get[Devs] goes about finding and hiring the best PHP developers for your job.

We check out all certifications of perspective PHP developers. We don’t hire those who just ‘learn off the internet’. We also don’t hire those who barely make it through their classes. Specialists are who we look for. Specialists with excellent certifications are who we strive to choose for you. When we find the best PHP developers for your job, all you will have to do is pick one with confidence.

Get[Devs] doesn’t stop there: we test all applicants as to their PHP qualifications and soft skills. This is a critical step, as we want to ensure our clients that their applicants have the skills they need to do an excellent job. We want to ensure that your PHP developer is up to date with all the technological advancements in the software marketplace when building your PHP job.

When choosing an offshore PHP developer, it is important to confirm their credibility by checking their past references. At Get[Devs] this is a part of the process we go through for our clients. We feel that a developer’s experience and reputation are an important part of the type of developer they are. We take a good look at their past work samples and any recent work they may have available. Good experience on successful projects gives a PHP developer confidence in their skills which will transfer over to your projects.

Once we have all of this information complete, we choose the best PHP developers from the mix and offer the choices to our clients, complete with all of the information we have collected. When you choose who you wish to hire, they become our co-employee. While we house them in our offices and work as their HR, you direct them on your job and they become a part of your website development team.

Get[Devs] is not a PHP Development Company. We do not hire a group of PHP developers and hand them different projects to work on for our clients. We treat our clients much better than that because we want them to hire PHP specialists who are able to take their project one step further into excellence. We will put a development team together for you. They will be co-employed by us and you. We will take care of putting together your team so you can lead them in the direction you want them to go.

It’s a win-win situation. So, why not let us know who you are looking for in the contact form below?

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