Tips for Finding and Hiring a Web Developer

hire web developerWeb developers are critical to your business getting out to your customers, communicating what your company is all about to the world at large and even your sales bottom line at the end of a quarter. That makes them invaluable. At Get[Devs] we can find you a web developer or web development team that will meet and exceed all of your website goals. Here is how you will know that the candidates are the right ones for you:

Your web developer should fit into your company’s culture. Even though we hire in our offshore offices, your developers should be may a part of your office culture, therefore they need to fit in. If there is a problem in office relationships, you can be it will show in the work that they are doing for you.

A web developer should understand the nature of the software or product your company creates and sells. This isn’t so they can get the website working, it’s because they should see the value in what they are doing on the website towards the company goals. Keeping their ‘eyes on the prize’ will encourage them to do the best they can do while staying in line with the company’s aspirations.

Web developers should be able to work with your overall development team. This is especially true for one that needs to work with a lead developer. While your web developer should not feel that they will be micro managed, they do have to be accountable and therefore able to report their where in the process of meeting their goals.

Web developers should have excellent open communication skills. When the puzzle out an idea, issue or problem, they should be able to make the idea and their needs understandable to you.

Web developers should have a knowledge base of all types of web development languages and processes. While your web developer does not need to know PHP, they can get someone to do that, they should have active knowledge about why they need the PHP on the site and its purpose towards the development team’s goals.

Benefits of Having Great Website Developers

When you have a great website developer or development team, you gain many benefits for your company. Here are some of the main benefits that you will enjoy:

  • Your customers stay longer. A professional web developer knows how to keep your customers on page longer.
  • You get more page views. Professional navigation placed on your site will be one of your web developers goals.
  • When you hire a professional web developer your website will have quality content. It will have purpose and l keep your visitors coming back.
  • Your site’s quality will shine when you hire a website developer. It will show your company’s uniqueness, be interesting and – thank goodness – it will not be a gaudy set of glitter pages that scream with huge images.
  • Your web developer will build your site in a way that it will be able to scale with your business. Keeping your business growing
  • There is a cost savings to having a professional website done as there are less things to fix because of poor web coding and less revamping the site as a professional site can grow with the company.

As you can see, hiring a professional website developer or development team is imperative to a company’s success. Why not have Get[Devs] get that started for you? Just let us know what you are looking for on one of our forms and we will get back to you right away.

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