The Difference Between Hiring a Mobile App Development Company and Creating Your Own Development Team

hire web developerThese days the business of development is going through a large growth, which comes complete with unforeseen changes and some false starts. When you have an app idea, you do not want your project to get caught up in the war for getting the best developer talent or be a part of the casualties of that war. Currently, are mobile app development companies springing up left and right, looking for business based on the people they have already hired.

When you hire a development company, you have to take their word for it. Get[Devs] gives you documentation on everything. Developers hired by you through Get[Devs] are the cream of the crop. We check out their references, test them, interview them and more. Then we share all of the information with you on several developers so you can pick which ones you want on your team or to do your project. We go through the process and consult you on it, but you do the hiring. So you know the developers who are working for you – you don’t have to take our word for it, you know that they are specialists.

When you hire a mobile app development company you are placing a third party in between the communication you have with those developing your app. With a development team in place at the first class Get[Devs] offices, you are able to communicate with each and every developer at any time. They will work your time schedule. They will be available for your company meetings. They are your co-employees and are available for you when you need them to be. You can say this about development companies who have their developers working on many project at the same time. You don’t get to talk to them, let alone pick which ones you want working for you.

Your company does not become a integral part of a development company. Paying clients are always good to have, but that is as far as your relationship with a development company goes. You are their paying client. When you work with Get[Devs], we become your partners in the success of your development projects. We work together as a team to engage the most qualified developers for your jobs.

You may never actually get to work with the developer that is working on your project when you go through a Web Development Company. There are lead developers and managers going from the top down at development companies. Getting through all of them to the developer who is actually coding your project isn’t always offered. When you work with Get[Devs] to build your development team, you work with each and every one of your developers in a way that you direct. You only communicate with a lead developer when you decided to hire a lead developer.

The development company is a business unto itself. It’s first priority is to itself. If there is a choice between anything that benefits the company, that is what they will choose. That is a simple concept to understand and mostly, we agree with it. But when the development company is working on your project, it could mean that the company will do something that does not benefit your project in any way or could even hurt your project. It is very much like hiring local, only our developers are in the Philippines.

When you hire a development company, you have to learn to share. That’s because they have many more clients than just you. Not only that, but are out there looking for more and more clients. And as their business grows, you have to share the resources you have with them – your developer’s time. This doesn’t happen when you hire a development team through Get[Devs] because they are your team working on your job all of the time. You do not share your development team with anyone.

These benefits to having your own development team just scratch the surface. When you co-employ your own developers with Get[Devs] you will find you have a lot of freedom for creativity to grow and your project to thrive. Why not tell us about who you are looking for by filling out the form below?

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