Retaining Developer Talent

When you take the time to find the perfect software developer, your project does not have the time to lose them to another job. One of the problems software, website and mobile app companies are facing these days is the high demand for developers – especially the specialists with experience. At Get[Devs] we understand the scope of this problem and are able to help you retain your development team. Read More

How can Get[Devs] help us train our co-employees?

At Get[Devs] we pay close attention to your policies and practices as we will get them from you and go over them with you before we hire and help you train your development team. It is part of our service to be sure our co-employees understand your business and how they fit into its culture. In order to do that they need to be versed in your policies and practices. Read More

What Makes Developers Tick: 7 Tips to Fuel Developer Productivity

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As developers who do tons of brainwork, we are pretty smart. We like to think of ourselves as superheroes whose main power is not just building applications but building awesome apps!

But here’s the catch: our job isn’t really all about creating cool stuff. The truth is, we solve hard problems on a daily basis. We find and fix bugs 75% of the time, which kills any chance of shipping code on schedule. But hey, we’ll work overtime and through holidays to fix it anyways. But doing that really kills our motivation and we really only do our best work when we’re motivated. Read More