Get[Devs] Will Hire QA Testers and QA Engineers for You

quality assuranceWhen hiring QA testers and QA engineers, you want to find the best. those who are capable of getting the job done for you in a way that finds the bugs, they get fixed and the end user – your customers – never have to worry about it, let alone see it.

Hiring QA testers and QA engineers through us means your project is secure. You never have to worry about your code walking away. Because of our structure, we retain the members of a development team longer than companies who hire in-house. It’s the nature of our business. Read More

What Skills Should Each Member of Your Quality Assurance Team Have?

quality assurance skills, qa testers, hire qa testersGet[Devs] has found that too many software development companies have fallen into the same repeating pattern when looking for, hiring and building a quality assurance team. Quality assurance teams are not the place where you skimp on professional abilities. In other words, you do not place people on this team because they have failed to live up to your expectations on your software development team or another part of your business. If someone is failing to live up to the expectations of their current position, your retrain or fire them. Build your qa team with capable professionals. After all, they are the last ones to use your software or product before it gets to your clients – you want the best of the best here! Read More

Why not hire other developers to test for the quality of a software, website or mobile app?

hire developers, hiring, software developers, website developers, mobile app developers When some software company HR departments think about hiring someone to do QA testing of their software development, they tend to have a few misconceptions. One of which is that a developer knows how his software should work, therefore he is the best person to do the testing. Another similar misconception is that others on the development team are able to do the testing for the programmer. Both of these ideas suggest that developers and QA testers have the same type of job so, they can be swapped out. Nothing in the IT world could be further from the truth. Read More

How Does GetDevs find good Quality Assurance Engineers and Testers?

A good QA Engineer and QA Tester has a passion for their job. So, that is who we look for when searching for the person to fit your project. It is true that it can be difficult to find a Quality Assurance Engineer who wants to do just that when you are in an area that has few Software and Website Developers. But, that is not a problem that Get[Devs] faces. In Milan Philippines, there are many tech savvy QA Engineers and Testers as it is growing in IT professionals. Each year there is over 30,000 IT graduates in this area.

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What Qualities Should You Look for When You Hire a QA Engineer?

hire qa engineerIt is important to note that hiring a QA engineer is much like hiring anyone on your development team. You will want much of the same qualities that show professionalism in each member. That said, a quality assurance engineer needs to have more experience and show more leadership skills then other people on the team. So here is a list of the qualities you should look for when hiring a QA engineer. Read More

What kinds of software development projects are usually outsourced through Get[Devs]?

When it comes to developing a software, website or mobile app project, anything and everything is available to be outsourced. You can outsource just one IT specialist, QA engineer and testers or your you can outsource your whole development team. Read More

Avoid the One Problem That Will Make Your Developers Quit: Buggy Code

retain developers, retain, developersWhile not all developers feel the same way about work related problems, there are a number of issues that all developers agree on. For instance, when asked what their number one complaint about working for a company is, software developers will answer ‘buggy code’ or ‘sloppy code that does not work’. Too many bugs in your code causes developers stress and is said to be the number one reason they quit and move on to the next company. This can be a huge cost to the company as it will become a cycle of losing your IT talent.

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Hire Developers

Get[Devs] builds distributed software development
and QA teams for you.

  • Our developers are screened for coding ability, communication skills, and culture fit. Expect seamless integration with your existing team.
  • We retain the best talent and work with you to get the most out of your team. We practice continuous improvement in all things.
  • We source faster and have access to more talent than in your local market. Get high quality engineers at more cost effective rates.

Why Distributed Development?

  1. Great people can be found anywhere, not just locally. Use our talent pool for your hard-to-fill positions.
  2. Add flexibility. An off-site development team boosts your team’s skill set and speeds up development time.
  3. Improve your team’s focus. Let your local developers do what they do best and our development team can handle the rest.
QA Testing Apps and QA Testers

QA Testing Apps: How to Outsource the One Thing Your Developers Hate but Your Software Really Needs

outsource software testing, quality assurance testing, qa testing, softeware apps
“If debugging is the process of removing software bugs, then programming must be the process of putting them in.” – Edsger Dijkstra

Why do developers hate testing? Simple: who would want to try breaking the code they worked so hard to make? Though developers do unit testing, they generally find it off-putting to perform the entire validation work before making the app available to the market. There’s a certain amount of bias when software developers are the only ones testing the software. Read More

Why You Should Hire QA Staff to Test Your Software Apps

Code bugs: not as gross, but harder to kill.

Not sure whether you should hire a QA team to test your software? You’re not alone. While there is no doubt that software testing in the development process is important super important, there are a lot of strong and compelling arguments against delegating the role quality assurance testing to a separate QA team. Read More