7 Tips on Hiring an iPhone App Developer

hire iphone app developerWhen you want to develop a mobile app, starting with one of the most popular platforms, the iPhone. But finding and hiring an iPhone app developer may be a struggle as the field is crowded with those who need their ideas made into a product and those who build these products are scarce. This leaves the field wide open for bad developers to do a terrible job, or worse. they can take up so much of your time while they are doing a terrible job that you abandon your project all together. Read More

Why Hire a Ruby on Rails Developer?

Hire Ruby on Rails Developer Ruby on Rails, ROR, saves time. Allows website or application to be created in less time and with less aggravation. It is a straight forward approach to programming with its easy to read code. It demands less time from its developers because they do not need to rewrite parts of the program over and over again. Read More

What kinds of software development projects are usually outsourced through Get[Devs]?

When it comes to developing a software, website or mobile app project, anything and everything is available to be outsourced. You can outsource just one IT specialist, QA engineer and testers or your you can outsource your whole development team. Read More

FAQ on Staff Augmentation, Hiring Developers & More

We know that Staff Augmentation takes a bit of getting used to as a concept. It is so much more than outsourcing your development team or hiring developers and other IT professionals at a cost effective offshore office. It is about having the most qualified developers and co-managing their employment so you can have the best of both worlds: a great development team without the employee hassles. Here are some of the most asked questions and their answers: Read More

The Software Development Scene in the Philippines

philippinesSoftware development is one of the hottest jobs in the Philippines right now. Filipino developers are in high demand in the job market with most of their clients based in the US and other Western countries. Curious about the software scene in the Philippines? Here’s a short primer for you:

Demographics: Age, Gender, Location

The average age of Filipino developers ranges from 20 to 30 years old. In this country, 61% of the developers are in the Lower Age Group (teens to 25 years old). While the 24% are in the Journeymen Group (26 to 30 years old) and the remaining 15% are in the Seniors Group (31 to 60 years old). Read More