The Difference Between Hiring a Mobile App Development Company and Creating Your Own Development Team

hire web developerThese days the business of development is going through a large growth, which comes complete with unforeseen changes and some false starts. When you have an app idea, you do not want your project to get caught up in the war for getting the best developer talent or be a part of the casualties of that war. Currently, are mobile app development companies springing up left and right, looking for business based on the people they have already hired. Read More

The Software Development Scene in the Philippines

philippinesSoftware development is one of the hottest jobs in the Philippines right now. Filipino developers are in high demand in the job market with most of their clients based in the US and other Western countries. Curious about the software scene in the Philippines? Here’s a short primer for you:

Demographics: Age, Gender, Location

The average age of Filipino developers ranges from 20 to 30 years old. In this country, 61% of the developers are in the Lower Age Group (teens to 25 years old). While the 24% are in the Journeymen Group (26 to 30 years old) and the remaining 15% are in the Seniors Group (31 to 60 years old). Read More