So, you’ve some of the great things Get[Devs] does, but you are still wondering if we will be a good fit for your company. Here are a few reasons we hope you will try us out:

  1. We’re officially part of your team. Call on our Get[Devs] senior management when you need them, night or day. Your staff adopt your corporate culture, your communication and PM tools, and of course the drive to deliver your products.
  2. Top notch support for your developers. We provide the infrastructure that your off-site development team needs to do their best work: class A office space & amenities, social and health benefits, high speed internet, and the latest hardware and software needed to get the job done.
  3. Our developers are your developers. They work for you full-time. No other projects, no other companies and no conflicts.
  4. We love NY. Get[Devs] is based in NYC, so we’re familiar with the local NY tech scene and the challenges you face recruiting and building better teams.
  5. Five years and counting! That’s how long we’ve been helping companies. We’ve worked with several top development companies and start-ups.
  6. Our company is transparent with cost-plus pricing. You know how much your team members get paid and how much goes to overhead.

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