When you take the time to find the perfect software developer, your project does not have the time to lose them to another job. One of the problems software, website and mobile app companies are facing these days is the high demand for developers – especially the specialists with experience. At Get[Devs] we understand the scope of this problem and are able to help you retain your development team.

  1. We’re a great place to work. We know that to keep the right people, we need to be a great employer. All of our corporate decisions put this first – from where our offices are located, to what HMO our employees get, even to where we eat our company lunches.
  2. We’re constantly making your team better. Your teams are actively managed. High performers are promoted and retained. Average performers are improved or replaced. Again, our clients are the final decision makers in this process
  3. We value our developers. We pay above market rates for above average talent. And yes, we only hire above average talent.
  4. We stick to tried and true software development processes, using to the fullest extent the creativity of the team. We use  QA testers that keep our developers from having to deal with unnecessary buggy code that causes frustration, as many developers cite as this as being one of the main reasons to leave a team.

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