How to Identify the Best Developers to Hire for Your Project

hire best developers development teamHiring a developer is hard. We aren’t just saying that because we do it for a living and we want you to be our client – we do, but that isn’t why we are saying that. We are saying that because it is true. The market right now is overrun with mediocrity because there are too many projects and jobs and not enough great developers.

What does this mean for you, the person seeking out the best developers to hire? It means it is going to take a bit longer and cost a bit more to get the developers you want. It also means that you are going to have to sift through all of the unwanted developers resumes and portfolios – a huge waste of your time.

So, how can you identify the best developers for your project without losing money or wasting your time? By getting some help from the experts. Namely, Get[Devs]. Think about it this way, when finding and hiring the best developers, you practically need to have taken a course in program development yourself to understand the tech and when someone may be trying to snowball you. Well, we have taken those courses and do know the difference between a poor developer and the real deal.

Get[Devs] will help you find skilled programmers. You want someone who is good enough at their coding to know how to get it done right, but creative enough to keep their eyes on the big picture. When you get a team of these types of developers together, magic starts to happen.

Get[Devs] not only looks out in the marketplace, but among those who are already employed. Think about it. Most of the best already have projects and jobs they are doing, so you may want try and siphon the best away from their current work into your projects. While this may seem like an unfair practice, it is supply and demand working for you.

Hire based on aptitude, not just on knowledge. Your project isn’t going to be done immediately. You need to think about the future and the technology that is coming out a week/month/year from now. If you have a developer does not have the aptitude to keep up with tech changes, your project is going to be out-dated quickly.

Structure you interview so you can make comparisons that will make sense when you are picking which applicant you want. Get[Devs] really shines here. We have a structured interviewing practice that includes testing. All of this information will be at your finger tips when/if you choose to also interview your developer applicants.

Ask to watch them work and give them a problem to solve. Whether it’s easy enough to solve verbally or you are asking them to write something out, you’re really only testing their attitude. Is it frustrating to them, are they going about it confidently? This is a good way to see their work personality.

Follow the above tips will have you identifying the best developer for your project. Let Get[Devs] help by telling us all about the types of developers you are looking for.

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