How NOT to Hire the Perfect Developer for Your Job

hire developersThose who need developers aren’t usually developers themselves. Mostly, they are people who have an idea about a project or are in charge of the programming at a large firm, and they know they need someone who is capable of doing their coding and putting together their software, website or mobile app. But instead of finding someone to help employ the perfect developer, they make the mistake of going it alone. Trying to employ a team of developers by putting ads in the paper, looking on freelance websites or asking around their to clients or colleagues. These aren’t the way to find the developers you need. As a matter of fact, these are examples of exactly how NOT to find the perfect developer for your project or job.

And since we are on the topic of what not to do, here is a list of exactly how not to find your development team and what you can do instead.

While there are plenty of good developers freelancing online through freelance job sites, you should not look for your team of developers by searching through these sites. Why? If there are developers there, why not seek a few good ones out? It’s simple human nature, really. The developers on these sites are not used to working for a team. They freelance, doing their own thing. If your project involves more than one developer, you’ll want a team that knows how to work together and is not made up of individuals who are each out for themselves.

Get[Devs] looks for developers that have worked in the team atmosphere and know how to accomplish tasks that not only make themselves look good, but also bring up the entire team. Thereby, creating excellent code for your project. This type of soft skill just isn’t present in individual freelancers you may find online.

Many companies who are new to trying to find their own developers will simply try to find them the same way they find anyone else they wish to hire. They will post an ad in the newspaper. And while this may not seem like a mistake to you, it really is. This mistake will waste your time because good developers these days can pick and choose where they want to go. So much so, that they are already employed or someone is actively seeking them out. That leaves you with either no one looking at your ad and calling in about the job, or worse, bad developers who don’t have the experience they need to do your job correctly will come calling.

Get[Devs] knows where to find the developers you need and we start there. We are a company that actively seeks out techno-specialist in the Philippines. We hire the best and have our fingers on the pulse of the development community. We don’t have to take a shot into the dark by putting an ad in the paper, we know where to find the best developers.

We all have clients and colleagues that trust our judgment as we trust theirs. But that doesn’t mean they always have your best interest at heart. They may feel they are doing you a favor by offering you the name of a PHP developer they had do a project for them a year or so ago. Especially since finding a good PHP developer is hard to come by. While you may want to act on the recommendation, know that you should give this person the same amount of scrutiny that you would anyone else you are considering. Otherwise, you may find yourself between a rock and a hard place if you should have to fire this person.

At Get[Devs] we only hire the best of the best by vetting the candidates we are considering for your job. There is no easy road to our short list of specialists that we will present to you. Yes, we do get recommendations, but these people are vetted just the same.

Let’s face it, putting together a team of developers is tough work. It takes perseverance and good old fashion know how. We at Get[Devs] pride ourselves on the teams we are able to put together for clients. Why not test us by filling out the form below and letting us know who you need for your team?

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