How Get[Devs] Helps You Hire the Best Developers

offshore software developmentMany times when you hire offshore developers, you get a team that is already in place. They work on your projects while they are off and working on other projects as well. This scenario is the farthest from the truth at Get[Devs]. Here, your projects and jobs are the top goal of the developers we have found and you have hired.

We find developers quickly but we hire developers slowly. Once we find a group of qualified developers for your job, we test and interview each one. We want our clients to have the best of the best when it comes to qualified software, website or mobile app developers. It helps us when your job goes off without a hitch. When you have great developers as part of your team, your job gets done well. That is our goal here at Get[Devs].

We hire developers who will fit into your office culture. While your offshore developers are not physically in your office, they are going to be a big part of your office culture. We won’t hire developers who think they are above the rest of the team – we will only hire team players for your development jobs.

We find developers who know how to work as a team. There are no ‘rock stars’ in the group of developers we find for you. They are all A+ developers and great coders, plus their soft skills and team playing skills are also A+. Let’s face it, you need a team of developers who will all put their best foot forward. If you have one on the team acting like the know-it-all, the rest of the team suffers. Your project suffers. Hiring a team of developers is the goal here at Get[Devs], not just one great developer and filling in the rest with second best.

We hire developers who know the code. Specialists in their field are the developers we choose to give you. We look for those who specialize in the coding you need to work your job. We will not hire a JavaScript coder for a PHP job and hope they can figure out what needs to be done on the job. That isn’t our style. One of the first things we do with candidates is test their ability to code in the specialty that is required for the job. So, all applicants who aren’t masterful in that type of code gets weeded out very quickly.

Finding developers who have talent and the desire to stick around is another objective Get[Devs] strives to achieve. While staying with a project is always the software developers choice, we like to hire those who enjoy reaching a goal and following a project to completion. This isn’t the norm in the developers field, as currently there is 1 developer for every 5 jobs in the States. Therefore, hiring locally can become burdensome. But offshore, it is easier to find and hire the specialists you are searching for. Therefore, we add longevity to our developer search criteria as retaining developers is easier than finding a new one every year.

We find the best developers for you by giving you the best development team in the first place. Get[Devs] knows that by hiring the right developers – those with teamwork and specialist skills – we are setting you up for successfully finding everyone else you need in the future. It is true in these days of developer demand, having a great team to work with will entice the best developers to apply for your job listings. Which means you will get more of the best team oriented developers for your job.

When you are looking to hire the most qualified software, website or mobile app developers for your project needs, we can help. Why not let us know who you are looking for by filling out the contact form below.

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