At Get[Devs] we pay close attention to your policies and practices as we will get them from you and go over them with you before we hire and help you train your development team. It is part of our service to be sure our co-employees understand your business and how they fit into its culture. In order to do that they need to be versed in your policies and practices.

Get[Devs] in-briefs all new employees on Get[Devs] related topics – like HR policy, medical benefits, rules and regulations, etc. We work with clients carefully to help train developers and ensure co-employees are also aware and abide by all of our client’s policies. We work closely with co-employees and clients to make sure we are adopting all required tools and processes, as well to ensure that a strong working relationship is developing between all parties. Eventually, when we feel everything is running smoothly for our client and the co-employee we drift into the background and monitor.

Hiring Developers FAQ

The truth is, developers solve hard problems on a daily basis. We find and fix bugs 75% of the time, which kills any chance of shipping code on schedule. But hey, we’ll work overtime and through holidays to fix it anyways. But doing that really kills our motivation and we really only do our best work when we’re motivated.

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