Building a team of talented and reliable developers in a highly cost-efficient environment is now a reality. Your competitors are doing it, and you’re probably contemplating it for the first time – hiring a virtual team.

Our years of success in the software development industry is a living proof that virtual teams work – when built the right way.  An effective virtual team provides amazing results, higher rate of efficiency and offers more room for business growth. Now how exactly does this concept provide the advantages that give your business a head start? Here’s how:

Eliminate Recruiting Challenges

Get Devs has substantial development operations in Manila, Philippines. This gives us access to a pool of 100,000 highly qualified software developers and QAs. This much available talent allows us to find the best developers and QAs to match your hiring needs.  Our engineers have a comprehensive breadth of skills and work experience. These professionals are more than capable of performing well in the most complicated job functions, meeting and exceeding your demanding standards. Our track record proves that we find the RIGHT people FASTER than anyone can in your own local market.

Higher Retention Rate

Our founder lived in Manila for more than a decade and considers the Philippines a second home – he knows the people, the place and the policies. This advantage sustains Get Devs’ success in assembling superb multi-functional virtual teams and keeping key team members indefinitely. And perhaps most importantly, we understand the importance of working with clients to consistently optimize the team for skill composition and performance.

Time Zone Advantage

The time difference allows us to customize a work schedule for your virtual team to suit your business needs. We can either design a shift to give you the working hour overlap you need or mirror your schedule entirely. Alternatively, Get Devs can build teams to work in hours that allow you to have a 24-hour development and QA cycle.

Cost Effectiveness

Same technology, same infrastructure, maybe even better talent and yet significantly lower costs!

A virtual team that consists of the right people, in the right location and managed by a company that you can trust will make a world of difference to your business. Now, it’s just a matter of deciding when you want to start making that difference.

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