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Get[Devs] is your loyal, experienced partner in the leap you are about to take into Distributed Development. Finding the right Web Developers and building cross-functional teams is the only thing we do. We are not distracted with products or passion projects – we simply exist to build and service your teams.

You likely want to know what kind of developers we have on staff, what technologies we cover, and who is available the soonest. Here are a few things you should know about Get[Devs] Web Developers:

  1. You get what/who you need – period. We are not a ‘fill in the blank’ shop. Our specialty is not in a particular Software Technology, rather its in the recruiting, management, and continued development of highly talented and motivated Web Developers.
  2. We have experience getting the right people experienced in virtually every Web Development technology used in the last decade. Go ahead, try to give us an impossible job description.
  3. Who do we have on the bench and ready to go? Usually nobody. Virtually every client-facing employee we have is co-employeed indefinitely with one of our clients. This gives you two advantages:
    1. It allows you to custom pick the ideal Web Developer. We have always found its easier to keep clients happy when they match their exact needs with 50,000 candidates rather than just a handful that may happen to be on the bench (for whatever reason, good or bad).
    2. It keeps YOUR rates low! You are only paying for who you co-employ with Get[Devs] – not the added overhead of Web Developers we happen to have sitting around idle.
  4. How fast can we get who you need? Generally, as fast as you need it. However, the more time you give us to recruit and present you with candidates to interview, the more selective you can be. We find the average time to get the best Web Developers on your team is about 6-weeks. About 2-weeks to recruit and another 4-weeks to get that special Web Developer aboard.
  5. You will be proud to have your team in our facilities. We are not a work-from-home, freelancing, occasionally-online company. Your Web Developers will work in class-A office space, code on new machines, have redundant dedicated-internet, have on-site HR and management, and have healthcare and social benefits.
  6. Get[Devs] is the most secure way to build a PROFESSIONAL offshore Web Development team without spending MILLIONS. For all intent and purpose, we are setting up and managing your turn-key overseas office – without the associated time, expense, regulatory and cultural obstacles – without you leaving your office.

Whether you just need a few Web or Mobile Developers, or you are ready to commit to the whole cross-functional and multi-disciplinary team, we know we will exceed your expectations. Your long-term success with our teams of Developers and Quality Assurance Engineers is the only way for Get[Devs] to prosper.

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