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When looking for Quality Assurance Engineers and Testers to hire for our clients, Get[Devs] makes certain abilities and experiences priority. We don’t hire QA professionals by just picking a name out of an employment pool. We spend time choosing each individual. After all, we co-employ with you. So, we want the best too. We are looking for someone who is versed in your tools and technologies, who is thorough, detail-oriented, and persistent. Someone who is able to be your bridge between your developers and your end-users in a productive fashion. We strive to hire a person or team who will be with you for the duration of your project and into the future.

Quality matters when developing software applications and technology for yourself and your clients, we know this. Get[Devs] knows you are building your reputation upon it. By hiring the right Quality Assurance Team you are not only protecting the reputation of your software development team, you are providing the very best efforts to your clients. You are also saving money, as bugs in applications down the line can be costly.

Get[Devs] can help you protect your reputation as a first class software development company by following QA standards as your software is developed. When you use a quality assurance team as you are developing your project, you have QA engineers and testers at your finger tips every step of the way. They will ensure that quality standards are met, each piece of the software is tested

When you build a Quality Assurance team with Get[Devs], you will be able to assure your clients that quality control is one of your top priorities. Therefore, any future needs they have with the software can and will be easily handled. Your clients will be able to trust their data – their livelihood – to your quality applications and programs.

But let’s get down to the nitty gritty of why you need the best of the best QA, a team like Get[Devs] can provide you. Because how much quality assurance does your products or services really need before it becomes too much of a drain on your resources? In all seriousness, more than a little bit and less then what it would cost of a bug, one that could have been easily fixed in development, took down your client’s business, or your own business for any length of time.

That is part of the service Get[Devs] provides for our software developers and other clients. As we co-manage your Quality Assurance team, you determine which resources are allocated to which intiative. Together we make a winning team. The professional talent you are using will enhance your software application to a point that you know your resources have been put to the best use possible – and so will your clients.

Some of the functions of a Quality Assurance Engineer:

1. Ensure that standard QA processes and documentation has been followed from project initiation to deployment and maintenance. A Senior Quality Assurance Engineer should be capable of developing QA processes and documentation for a project/product.
2. Responsible for project resource allocation of QAs and Testers, ensuring that there will be no overlap on schedules and minimizing work overload.
3. Coordinate and work closely with cross-functional teams on reviewing designs, functional requirements providing useful clarifications and suggestions.
4. Defining scope of testing and QA involvement e.g. browsers, devices, and OS supports, features to be and not to be tested; through documents like a test plan.
5. Proactively interact with project/account managers durint client acceptance and maintenance, making sure that client bugs or requests are addressed accordingly.
6. Responsible for continuously improving the capabilities and skillset of his/her team by adapting to new tools and technologies, and even leading new initiatives like automation and better ways of test documentation.
7. Regular performance assessments of team and gathering feedback to improve QA processes, as well as check individual well being and employee satisfaction, anticipating any internal issues and make corrective actions, if any.
8. While test case creation and execution may not be a day-to-day activity of a (senior) Quality Assurance Engineer, it should still remain a sharp skill and be used often.

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