Mobile app developers who love their job

Hire a Mobile App Developer That You Can Trust

Mobile app developers who love their job Are you tired of hiring mobile app developers that give up half way through the project or mess up the job completely? Have you been hiring mobile app developers through freelance websites like Elance only to have them disappear a few weeks into your app project? If this sounds like your experiences you are having outsourcing, you need to have Get[Devs] hire your next mobile app developer. At Get[Devs] you can hire an offshore mobile app developer that you can trust. Your mobile app project will be their only concern.

Get[Devs] will do the initial interviewing for your mobile app developer. They will screen the applicants with testing and other interview techniques. They will also check all of the applicants references. Get[Devs] will then pare down the list to a few of the top applicants, which they will get you. From there, you can choose a mobile app developer right away or you can do some interviewing of your own.

We, at Get[Devs], suggest you do some interviewing on your own, over and above the interviewing from Get[Devs]. When you interview them, look for someone who will fit into your office culture, someone who can clearly communicate with you and someone you feel you are able to trust. You may find that more than one applicant fits the bill and that is a good problem to have!

Check your perspective developers portfolio. Did you see work like that of the work you will be requiring. That is good as it means that this applicant has experience in what you are looking to do with your app. When someone has experience, it means they will take less time to do what needs to be done now. It also means that you can trust this mobile app developer when they say they know what they are doing.

It is a good feeling when you are developing your app with a team of developers who understand what you are asking them to do and with whom you trust will stay throughout the project. There is nothing that is more costly to a mobile app development project than having to replace one of the main developers.

For more information on hiring freelance developers through Elance or other companies like them, see this firsthand account here:  I hired a developer on Elance to build my first iPhone app, this was my experience.

Why You Can Trust Get[Devs]

  • We have solid experience hiring developer teams in the Philippines.
  • We work with you to hire developers that are your vendors for the entire time of your project. We house them in our offices, but you direct their work.
  • We are there for you when you need us. Contact information is readily available to our clients, we can b contacted via phone and email.
  • Unlike freelance developers your find at Elance or Upwork, you know where we are. We are unable to disappear into the internet.
  • Your developers are solely your developers for the entire length of your project. They do not split their time and we do not use them for any other work while they are working for you – not even in-house work.

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