Going to War: Getting the Best Developer Talent for Your Team

offshore software development teamYou know there is a war going on in the tech world, right? And no, it has nothing to do with Apple verses, well, everyone. It’s all about the creative software, mobile apps and website development fields. There simply isn’t enough ‘do people’ for all of the ‘big thinkers’ out there.

Finding excellent local software, website or mobile app developers to be a part of your team is much harder than you think. Those that try often find this out quickly: for every 10 jobs available, there may be only 8 people in the US to fill them. This is why you hear about the crazy benefits offered to software developers, like the company paying for their laundry services or ping pong tables located next to the conference room. It seems like the big development companies will do anything to get and keep the best of the brightest developers around. So, how can you compete?

Two words: you can’t. In more than two words: if you try, you will end up with either the bottom of the barrel in developer skills or with big holes in your development team. From small software companies to companies who just want specialists without having to invest in a ton of gimmicks, developers are hard to come by if you can find them at all.

This isn’t a problem in the Philippines where Get[Devs] has its offices. There are 30,000 computer tech graduates a year. And they are sought after by big corporate companies where they gain excellent experiences. From there they specialize in the fields of coding and development that are most needed in today’s software, website and mobile app development field. These are the candidates that we choose from for your development needs.

Forming a software development team with Filipino developers will ensure that your projects and jobs will be given their utmost attention and skill. Your team will take pride in the work they do for you, which will show in the code they create. When you work with Get[Devs] to hire your developers, you will be getting the top talent in their fields.

Get Devs commits to hiring the appropriate number of specialists, with the appropriate skills, to be dedicated exclusively to your company. Why not give us a try by filling out the form below?

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