Get[Devs] Will Hire QA Testers and QA Engineers for You

quality assuranceWhen hiring QA testers and QA engineers, you want to find the best. those who are capable of getting the job done for you in a way that finds the bugs, they get fixed and the end user – your customers – never have to worry about it, let alone see it.

Hiring QA testers and QA engineers through us means your project is secure. You never have to worry about your code walking away. Because of our structure, we retain the members of a development team longer than companies who hire in-house. It’s the nature of our business. We hire for you, house them here in the Philippines and they work with you to get your job done. We at Get[Devs] take the security of your project very seriously. We have security measures in place and will work with you to add any other measures you deem important.

We vet all developers for you, including QA testers and QA engineers, then only give you the cream of the crop for you to interview and make your choice of applicant for your job. We want you to be comfortable with your choice and to know that the most qualified is who you will be getting for your team. That is how you know you are getting quality code for your project.

What about automating quality assurance? Or having my code developers do their own quality assurance? Does Get[Devs] allow that? Well, we will follow your lead when it comes to your development team. In other words, you are the boss. But we do not recommend total automation of your quality assurance and definitely do not recommend having your code developers check their own work. This is how small mistakes on your development table become large problems for your clients. Allow us to find who you need to get your project completed the right way – the profitable way.

Each member of your quality assurance team should have quite a few important skills. The skill set they bring will be different than those of your mobile app, software or website developers. When you look for quality assurance testers and quality assurance engineers for your development team you will want to look for knowledgeable applications who are willing and able to try new ways of testing. They should have the ability to prioritize and not shy away from reporting problems. It’s a tall order, but there are many QA testers and engineers in the Philippines that fit this bill.

Yes, your QA engineers needs to be the best available as they will be responsible for the legitimacy of your software, mobile app or website. Their skill set should include good communication, the ability to multi-task and the focus you need to get the job done – among other things. When you find the perfect QA engineer for your project, you will benefit in every single way, including retaining your developers as they do not like dealing with buggy code. Take your time hiring this candidate and get the person you need right from the get-go. Your finished project will be so much better because you did.

When looking for an engineer to do your quality assurance work, you’ll want him to be responsible for specific tasks. Defining the scope of testing on your app, software or website, be responsible for project resources, and other important tasks. Hiring someone with this kind of experience takes some hard work, let Get[Devs] help you with that.

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