Get[Devs] is always ready to service its clients in every way it can. You will have an account manager who will be available to you for your needs. They will service the relationship between your company and Get[Devs]. We use all methods of communication to help you keep abreast of our co-employees and the work they are doing for you. Your account manager who will always be happy to jump on the next plane and come work with you face-to-face if you feel that is what you need. Our service is second to none as it is a part of Get[Devs] work ethics to fulfill our clients’ needs.

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Hiring Developers FAQ

So how does a project manager who has a reputation for being a potential jerk lead a team of developers who are stereotyped as egotistical and socially inept? One thing you have to keep in mind if you’re a PM working with developers is that they join forces with individuals who earn their respect. They value a PM who makes their jobs easier for them but at the same time challenges them as well. ~ 10 Things Project Managers Do Right

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