Our facilities are located in Manila, Philippines. This is where we house our employees. If you have never worked with Filipinos before you are in for a pleasant surprise. Here’s why:

  • Outstanding written and spoken English
  • Well educated population
  • Service oriented culture
  • Dedicated and loyal (we have very high retention rates, and we’re not just saying that)
  • Over 100,000 very highly trained Developers and QA Engineers to choose from

As far as time zones are concerned, our employees will work in the time zone you choose. We establish this criterion at the time of recruiting.

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Hiring Developers FAQ

Good developers are the ones who see the big picture. They learn about the overall code structure, the users, the business and the industry and understand how these components interact. This lets them work well with larger and larger projects. ~ Developers, Good Verses Bad: Spotting the Difference

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