When it comes to developing a software, website or mobile app project, anything and everything is available to be outsourced. You can outsource just one IT specialist, QA engineer and testers or your you can outsource your whole development team.

One thing we would like to be sure you are clear on is how outsourcing works at Get[Devs]. This distinguishes us from the rest, because our service to our clients is A+. We hire your development team for you and they work ONLY for you. We do not have an office full of developers flip-flopping between projects and clients. We believe that this type of service is poor and not what is going to get your team working to the best of their ability. By having your own development team, hired to your specifications, your software, website, or mobile app development project is on a winning path.

If you have outsourced with a previous company and lost control of your development team, we understand that it can be a big problem. Not every staff augmentation company or outsourcing company puts their clients first. But here at Get[Devs] you are always in control of your team because we always put you first. While we co-manage the employees, you direct the project and how your developers handle their parts of the project.

If you have no experience in outsourcing your employees, be sure to ask us any questions you have. We have often found a good place to start is with Quality Assurance personnel. QA engineers and testers are often the easiest employees to start offsite and help you get a feel for doing business in this way.

Another type of outsourcing you will see from those who are just getting into using outsourcing talent for their company’s needs happens when the IT specialist is not available in the local area of the company and they have been unable to entice a specialist to move into the area. This is happening more and more frequently because of the high demand for IT professionals. Get[Devs] can help with this problem. Just let us know what you need by filling out one of our contact forms and we will get back to you directly.

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