The cost of hiring your developers through Get[Devs] is determined very much like it is when you hire in-house. It will be dependent on the type of IT professional you are seeking and how much experience you would like that professional to have in that chosen field. It will take into account benefits for the co-employee including healthcare. And it will reflect our portion in dealing with the facilities and the HR end of having staff members.

You may be wondering, how co-employing with Get[Devs] is going to save you money, if the price is very much like what you pay to hire on your own? If you are, I invite you to look at the bigger picture of your IT professionals, their team and their costs over the length of your projects. For instance, it is common for in-house developers to jump ship every couple of years, sometimes even every couple of months. This costs you money as you will need to find and employ another IT professional. Get[Devs] works hard with our developers to keep that from happening. Read more about how we keep our developers happy.

You will also want to take a look at the time and resources it takes to hire a professional developer in your town/city/state. Not all areas have developers who possess the abilities you need. Will you have to pay to transfer a professional to where your company is located? The thing is, you may not even know this is going to be a problem until it becomes one. What we do will keep you from discovering these IT hiring nightmares.

You can see the cost for professional web and software developers isn’t as easy to calculate as you may at first believe. But Get[Devs] can help you keep your costs down over the long haul and supply you with the a cost effective team.

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Good developers avoid future work by writing better code now. They maintain, debug and evolve their code and tenaciously attack hard problems. Even the slightest error such as a typo in a comment gets fixed right away. They are the ones who can communicate clearly what they’ve done so far and what they’re going to do next. ~ Developers, Good Verses Bad: Spotting the Difference

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