A good QA Engineer and QA Tester has a passion for their job. So, that is who we look for when searching for the person to fit your project. It is true that it can be difficult to find a Quality Assurance Engineer who wants to do just that when you are in an area that has few Software and Website Developers. But, that is not a problem that Get[Devs] faces. In Milan Philippines, there are many tech savvy QA Engineers and Testers as it is growing in IT professionals. Each year there is over 30,000 IT graduates in this area.

Get[Devs] looks for the QA Engineers with the most experience and the abilities to get the job done. We then do some testing before we provide you with the viable candidates. It is then your choice which QA Engineer and/or testers you would like on your team. As the one who will direct their development team, you have the last say on who is hire for the project.

Some management groups feel that their QA Team is second class to their Development Team. That is not how a QA Team is treated at the Get[Devs] offices because we know the importance of testing your software product and getting out the bugs. With a QA Team hired by Get[Devs] your development team will get the reputation of producing clean code – and that you can market in a busy software or website development climate!

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