On a full time basis, our developers work from our class-A facilities in Manila, Philippines. We have worked with some clients to have co-employees at their site for visits, training, and meetings. However it is most common for co-employees to work out of our offices 100% of the time. Our IT professionals, software and web developers, and QA Engineers will work within your time zone and have superb written and spoken English.

Through today’s technological developments and management systems, distributed software development has exploded in popularity. Distributed development is fast becoming the standard way software gets created. You can get in on this cost effective way to hire professional developers and other specialists by working with Get[Devs].

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With the vast majority of people in the economy unhappy with their jobs, it’s increasingly important that your developers stay motivated and excited to work, not just thankful for a job. Money is okay as a temporary happiness boost but the real power lies in your ability to motivate from within. ~ 8 Secrets to Retaining and Motivating Developers

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