We know that Staff Augmentation takes a bit of getting used to as a concept. It is so much more than outsourcing your development team or hiring developers and other IT professionals at a cost effective offshore office. It is about having the most qualified developers and co-managing their employment so you can have the best of both worlds: a great development team without the employee hassles. Here are some of the most asked questions and their answers:

Get Devs works with clients under the basic premise that we are employing Devs and Testers on behalf of our clients. In fact, we are usually co-employing. Our paperwork is designed to be simple and reflect spirit of both companies being responsible for employees.

We use two very simple documents to govern relationships with clients. A 4-page Managed Service Agreement dictates basic issues like IP ownership (owned by the client, of course), term and termination, etc. A 1-page Work Order then dictates certain parameters for each co-employee, like start date, compensation, term, etc.

If you don’t like our paperwork we are open to anything that does not alter the spirit of the Staff Augmentation relationship. Please feel free to propose changes to our documents or the use of your documents.

What is the standard term for each co-employee?

We like to work with one-year minimums. This allows us to be more cost effective, which you of course receive the benefits of. We are open to shorter arrangements under special circumstances.

What if we are unhappy with a particular developer/tester?

It is in Get Devs best interest to keep clients happy – by making sure they are always happy with their developers. If you experience any issue that makes a developer difficult to work with or unproductive we will work with you to recruit and replace ASAP.

Can I get a part-time employee?

Unfortunately, no. This never seems to work out in the Staff Augmentation business. It always presents a conflict of interest that is sure to leave clients unhappy.
Additionally we promise to NEVER use your co-employees on internal projects or for other clients.

What jurisdiction governs the contracts?

Get Devs is a Delaware corp. All of our contracts (as of this writing) have been US contracts entered into under the laws of the state of Delaware or, if requested, the state where our clients are incorporated.

What is a Quality Assurance Engineer?

Quality assurance engineers are individuals who work on each phase of a software project. They monitor the development process ensuring that quality standards set forth by the development company are met. They manage quality testers and software coders to help develop the project. The monetary success of the software product is largely due in part to the quality of the product, therefore the quality assurance engineers’ job is imperative to those developing software programs and applications.

What is a Quality Assurance Tester?

A Quality Assurance Tester is someone who tests software or website applications for a team of software or website developers. The main duty of a Quality Assurance Tester is to find mistakes, bugs or inconsistencies in websites and software applications. These are pasted on to the Quality Assurance Engineer, who then sends it to the software or website developers.

Having Quality Assurance Testers for your software and website applications is imperative as they are your first line of defense against any flaws in your current code. Without them, you rely on having your software developers second guessing their work. Knowing that you employ excellent Quality Assurance Testers allows your software and website developers to do their best coding work.

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