Avoid the One Problem That Will Make Your Developers Quit: Buggy Code

retain developers, retain, developersWhile not all developers feel the same way about work related problems, there are a number of issues that all developers agree on. For instance, when asked what their number one complaint about working for a company is, software developers will answer ‘buggy code’ or ‘sloppy code that does not work’. Too many bugs in your code causes developers stress and is said to be the number one reason they quit and move on to the next company. This can be a huge cost to the company as it will become a cycle of losing your IT talent.

It is understandable why developers leave and the advantageous company will seek to understand. Who wants to be in an office facing code problems that are simply not able to be fixed because there is always a bug showing up? There is never any forward motion with the project, co-workers are unhappy all of the time and managers take their frustrations out on their team. No one wants to work in these conditions.

But on the other side, you would think that the members on the software development team would be the reason that code gets too buggy, right? But no, that isn’t actually how it happens. Good code developed by creative and talented developers turns into a bug infested code all too quickly. It starts and stops with quality assurance. If there isn’t any or enough, the bugs aren’t found until later. That is when you’ll start to have problems retaining your developers.

So, how can you keep your code from become a bug infested mess and keep your developers? Here are a few tips from Get[Devs]:

Hire the right IT professionals from the start. Get[Devs] knows how to find the right specialists for your job. We will offer you a choice out of the best of the best. We won’t offer you a developer who has been cross trained in many different platforms and knows ‘just enough’ of what you need him to code. We deal in IT specialists because we know you do too.

Hire a quality assurance engineer and use QA testers every step of the way. Do testing and more testing on your code. Do not allow your developers to double as quality assurance testers; they should not be testing their own code or the code of their team members. Get[Devs] can help you find the quality assurance professionals you need to get the job done.

Offer short term bonuses. Short term bonuses end up being a win-win scenario for the company and the developer. Developers like them because they give them a goal, allowing them to aim higher. Lead developers and managers like them because they boost moral overall. And your company will find that they get more of what they want, good coding from a development team that stays on board. Less mistakes, less bugs.

Offer a competitive salary and good benefits. You will find the best IT professionals the when you make the best offers. While developers may be able to get these things from other companies, it can take some time to find other work that matches or supersedes one’s current salary – especially if the employee has been working for you for a couple of years. But make no mistake, there is a reason I’ve placed this last on the list, because it is last on their minds. If a developer is unhappy for the other reasons above, they will not stay with the company for a competitive salary alone. Work on the quality of the code and you will keep your developers happy.

Overall, Get[Devs] knows how these issues have an effect on software, website and mobile app developers. We do what needs to be done to help you build and retain the best development team, which includes hiring quality assurance members to keep the code clean and working. We know that less bugs means a stronger development team and we can help you get there.

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