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Get[Devs] is a staff augmentation company. We hire developers, QA engineers and IT professionals for our clients. We help put together their development team and monitor it, acting as an HR representative as the client directs the team. Togther, Get[Devs] and their clients create a development team that works cohesively and successfully.

1. We act as your recruiting department. 

We find and assess talent that matches not just the technical skills you need, but also culture fit and soft skills. We provide not just devs but we excel building QA teams that are second-to-none. We can also round out the complete package with Project Managers, Business and Requirements Analysts, and Digital Marketers and SEO Experts

2. We manage the developers with you.

We provide your distributed development team the support they need to exceed your expectations.

3. We handle all administrative overhead.

We share local holiday calendars, take care of office infrastructure, HR, IT, Payroll, local compliance, and much more. Our goal is to make sure these employees become permanent members of your team.

4. We are proactive managers.

We let you know what we see, both the good and the bad, so we can reward success and formulate remediation plans while you focus on deliverables.

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