We were once a custom development shop. We were building large custom applications for our clients as well as a few internal passion projects. We were also contracting out a sizable portion of our development team to work directly for our clients as staff augments.

We found ourselves in a growing conflict of interest – competing with other development shops for some projects and then providing them with staff for others. Competing with our clients was not a good feeling though. At that fork in the road we knew we had to choose between being a development shop or a technical Staff Augmentation company. So, we went towards what we do best, hiring and managing speicalist and developers.

Get[Devs] now focuses solely on Staff Augmentation for Software Development Companies. We do not share staff across clients and we do not do project based work. We have found that we are best at building, integrating, growing, and optimizing software development teams for our clients. That is now the only thing we do. Nice and simple, no conflicts of interest – only happy clients!

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