7 Tips on Hiring an iPhone App Developer

hire iphone app developerWhen you want to develop a mobile app, starting with one of the most popular platforms, the iPhone. But finding and hiring an iPhone app developer may be a struggle as the field is crowded with those who need their ideas made into a product and those who build these products are scarce. This leaves the field wide open for bad developers to do a terrible job, or worse. they can take up so much of your time while they are doing a terrible job that you abandon your project all together.

Here are seven great tips that will help you find the iPhone developer you need:

Know as much about the iPhone app developing process as you are able. The more you know, the better you will be able to discuss what you need with perspective mobile app developers. No, you do not need to be so knowledgeable that you could design the app yourself, but being up to date on current mobile app trends and the programming languages being used is beneficial. Check out the Apple developer program to get a good start.

Check their portfolios. A decent set of example apps and other programming codes the developer has to offer is what they give you to show off their skill. So, check it out. Compare the experience they have with what you want to have them do for you.

Check out their references. Go the distance and make the calls or send emails and find out how well your applicant did at their last project. Hearing from other people like yourself what kind of job your perspective developer did will help you determine what type of ob they will do for you.

Share with your applicants how your iPhone mobile app will make money. Ask for any input or thoughts from experiences work on the same type of app that they may have had. Don’t get specific, you don’t want to give you idea away. For instance, will you be making money through paid subscriptions to the apps or adverting within the app?

Ask the iPhone app developer applicant how well they communicate and what venues they use to do so. Are the often available via Skype or other face to face communication. Communication is important as you will be getting your updates through the type of communication you choose to use. Be sure that the applicant is able and willing to communicate in the fashion you are comfortable with.

Ask about their fees. You may be surprised at the costs for development of an iPhone app. It is better to be upfront about how much you are willing to pay the iPhone app developer and how much they are expecting. One word of caution, be prepared to pay top dollar for the best mobile app developers you can find. They are few and far between.

Get help from the experts. Seriously, if you have never hired a mobile app developer before, getting help is prudent. At Get[Devs] we hire the best of the best all of the time. And we hire them specifically for your project, they will not be multi tasking or dividing their attention when they are on the clock in our Get[Devs] offices.

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