Should Offshore Software Testing Be Automated or Manual?

offshore software developmentPeople who work at offshore software testing are a vigorous bunch. They like testing, seeing results and retesting all the while waiting for something to break. And when that code breaks, hey, they will test that to see how many ways it can be broken. All of this is good, it’s part of the process of developing a secure and reliable piece of software, a website or a mobile app. Which of course, is the goal of your quality assurance testers.

But there is one debate that has always been ‘in the air’ when it comes to testing anything when it comes to technology, but for our purposes we will keep the debate at just for software, website and mobile applications. The premise of the debate is simple, it starts with the question: Should testing be only automated? Or are there times when manual testing is important? Or is manual testing only a means to an end, simply waiting until an automated test is created to do the same task? And, when Get[Devs] takes it into its realm of the techno-sphere, the question morphs into: Should offshore software testing be automated only? Keeping manual testing in house and not offshore. Would that be more practical? Read More

Best Practices When Hiring a Lead Developer

Hiring a Lead DeveloperGet[Devs] understands what all development teams need in order to run smoothly, efficiently and quickly towards their current goal. When they do, our co-employees are successful and your job gets done well. This is our shared long-term goal. One of the people your team needs to get you to that goal is a lead developer. It is the job of a lead developer to move the team forward by implementing choices and making decisions. Read More

What Skills Should Each Member of Your Quality Assurance Team Have?

quality assurance skills, qa testers, hire qa testersGet[Devs] has found that too many software development companies have fallen into the same repeating pattern when looking for, hiring and building a quality assurance team. Quality assurance teams are not the place where you skimp on professional abilities. In other words, you do not place people on this team because they have failed to live up to your expectations on your software development team or another part of your business. If someone is failing to live up to the expectations of their current position, your retrain or fire them. Build your qa team with capable professionals. After all, they are the last ones to use your software or product before it gets to your clients – you want the best of the best here! Read More

Useful Tips for a Successful Offshore Software Development Team

offshore development team, lead developer, development team, software developmentWhen you do not house your development team in your local office, it may seem like it would be difficult to keep your team productive and happy. And you know keeping your development team productive and happy is the key to success. So, how does one do that when your staff is offshore? Here are some tips from Get[Devs]:

Hire the most qualified candidates that will fit into your business’ climate. Get[Devs] is going to give you a choice of specialists that have gone through testing and interviewing with us. You should choose not only one that will fit the bill as far as getting the job done, but also the candidate you think will be able to work with those you have in your office at home. Read More

What Qualities Should You Look for When You Hire a QA Engineer?

hire qa engineerIt is important to note that hiring a QA engineer is much like hiring anyone on your development team. You will want much of the same qualities that show professionalism in each member. That said, a quality assurance engineer needs to have more experience and show more leadership skills then other people on the team. So here is a list of the qualities you should look for when hiring a QA engineer. Read More