Quality Assurance Engineers

Get[Devs] prides itself on its ability to match QA engineers and QA testers with its clients. Quality assurance is often the overlooked sweet spot when venturing into distributed software development. When you build a Quality Assurance team with us, you will be able to assure your clients that quality control is one of your top priorities. If you want to optimize the impact of your current developers then look no further. QA may be your jumping off point for co-employing and we know how to do it right.

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Mobile Application Developers

Get[Devs] has a proven track record of finding truly qualified Mobile Application Developers and retaining them for the long haul. When you work with Get[Devs], you will get an impressive short list of skilled and experienced Application Developers. No matter which technology you need, we can match a mobile developer to your job. And there’s more! We have a proven track record of keeping your key guys. Spend less time ramping and re-training and more time producing when you co-employ with Get[Devs].

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Web & Software Developers

Get[Devs] is dedicated to helping you get stuff done by finding you the developers you need. We are 100% tech-agnostic when it comes to Web and Software Developers because we firmly believe ‘one size does not fit all’ when fulfilling our client’s needs. We will recruit a professional team or a single engineer for you, whatever the job warrants for your company’s long-term success. Then, directed by you and nurtured by us in our Class-A offices, we will co-manage for optimum performance and continual improvement.

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Get Devs has built us an outstanding QA team from manager through juniors. They have brought a wealth of process knowledge to our development model and our build quality continues to improve every cycle. Our guys are superior communicators, easy to work with, and consistently diligent. Get Devs has been easy to work with and proactive at every turn.
CTO, NYC based start-up
The developers we co-employ with Get Devs have been some of the most technically proficient we have ever worked with. They have adopted our processes and culture quickly and have been proven innovators. Get Devs makes the staff augmentation, distributed development, and 24-hour development cycle models work.
Department Head, Digital Agency
Get Devs lead our first push into QA two years ago. We consider them to be an irreplaceable part of our organization. We could never function the way we used to and keep up with the increasing pace of our projects and client demands. If you want more sleep and less drama then you need to talk to these guys.
Director, Custom Software Development Shop

Ramp Like A Champ

Build teams faster than otherwise possible. Select from a massive pool of qualified and experienced talent ready to go in 30 days and less.

Choose The Skills

You write the job description covering experience, skills, tools, technologies, etc. Get Devs delivers them and you manage their outputs.

Control The Budget

During the hiring process you help set the salaries of your co-employees. Get Devs works on cost-plus pricing models.
Mobile App Development Flaw Puts Billions of Users At Risk

Billions of Users At Risk Due to this Mobile App Development Flaw

Billions of mobile app users can become easy targets to hackers worldwide due to a mobile development flaw found by three Hong Kong based researchers. Ronghai Yang, Tianyu Liu and Wing Cheong Lau from the Chinese University of Hong Kong found that these flaws are simple mobile app development oversight that can be prevented.

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Mobile development and mobile apps will rule the online world.

Age of Mobile Software Development

Will you sink or swim?

Right now, 65% of online visits in the US comes from mobile devices and it keeps growing exponentially. This persistent mobile growth in the digital industry is strongly suggesting that all online users today will soon be a part of the mobile era. And any company that fails to capture and make the most out of this information isn’t just missing out. It might be prepping for failure in the long run. Now, more than ever is the perfect time to both guard your position and get ahead of competitors. But before taking action, there are a few important things to keep in mind when it comes to mobile development.

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